Are you tired of trying so harD?

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  • You feel discouraged
  • You can't sleep
  • The sad feelings won't go away
  • You find yourself yelling at the kids
  • You worry about all kinds of things.
  • You feel disconnected from your family and from God

You probably feel a lot of emotions. You feel discouraged, irritable, tired and anxious.

You think to yourself "this is too hard", "I just want to be happy". "I don't want to be irritable".

It's normal to have these thoughts and feelings.  
You can be happy and confident again!

Hi my name is Charlotte Schott. I have devoted my professional life to helping people regain the joy in their lives. I can help you over come depression and anxiety. I can help you to feel connected again to your loved ones and to God! I want to help you

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